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2-Minute Video Series: Lesser Known Truths About Virtual Events


Hey! It's Peter Gentile from OVATION and welcome back to our web series on the Lesser Known Truths about Virtual Events.

Today, we are going to dive right into the deep end and tackle the important topic of remote speaker presentation support. In many ways, I refer to this as the "secret sauce" to success. Your presenters, many of them, most of them, are probably recording content from their home offices. Hopefully in most cases people have a laptop with a camera, they have a strong internet signal - those are all great starting points. But, what we've recognized is it is really not a natural process for someone to sit at a desk, maybe hunched over, and in not a well-lit room, and try to give a presentation of meaning that really engages the audience.

We are spending a lot of time bringing best practices forward here to make these presentations really meaningful and impactful. So, thinking about things in terms of supporting these folks related to:

  • the length of their content and presentations (trying to minimize those in some cases)
  • understanding their technology capabilities and the resources they have (Do they in fact have the equipment to record this? Is the lighting right? Are they in the right place from an audio standpoint?)
  • the content they deliver - the big recommendation here is not a lot of charts and graphs, not a lot of text - things that are done in a very concise and consistent way really help to deliver and engage the audience

The last piece is making an investment in supporting these folks for the recording and the editing process really raises the level of engagement and the quality of the content that you are bringing forward. So, as you think about your presenters, we are really recommending that you talk with them first about technology, then about the content that they are creating, and what is the path to delivering all of those things in a consecutive and consistent manner. 

And, if you pay attention to those areas, chances are you are going to have a presentation and a program of meaning and great impact. 

Thanks for your attention on this and we are certainly looking forward to our next episode where we will tackle another one of the Lesser Known Truths about Virtual Events. 

Take care!

Key takeaways:

3 People with Chat_100x100-01

Make sure to consider the length of content & presentations your virtual presenters deliver

Finger with Checkmark-01

Gain an understanding of their technology capabilities and equipment

3 People Viewing Screen_100x100-01 (1)-1

Take a deep dive into the content they deliver in order to maximize engagement

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