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2020 Virtual & Hybrid Event Leadership Survey Results


The word of the day in events is “virtual.” There’s no doubt about the fact that virtual events — or hybrid, in the future — help organizations reach a wider audience. But what exactly do companies look for when launching a virtual event? That’s exactly what we wanted to find out in our latest leadership survey.

We asked leaders from a variety of industries questions about what is most important to them when it comes to their virtual and hybrid events. Throughout this eBook, we’ll share these survey results with you so that you can benchmark your own virtual priorities with those of your peers.

A few of the questions we asked were:

  • What is most important to you when selecting a partner to help with your virtual events?
  • What are you allocating for each of your virtual meetings and events?
  • What’s important to you during the sales process?
  • What specific events are you considering converting to virtual events?
  • What types of data or analytics do you look to obtain from your virtual events?
  • What interactive options do you look for in a virtual event platform?
  • What are the two most important requirements when choosing a virtual event platform?
  • ...and more!

Survey Demographics

Industry Breakdown
Demographics: Annual Revenue


The average annual revenue of the companies that responded to this survey is $380M with the range being from $1M — $1B

Demographics: Number of Employees

Number of Employees

The average number of employees of the companies that responded to this survey is 3,500 with the range being from 50 — 10,000

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